This AI Crib Monitor Tells You Not Only That Your Baby Is Crying, But Why


When babies cry, it doesn’t help if you can’t understand what they are trying to say. Find out how this AI baby monitor translates your baby’s needs.

For new moms and dads, the Q-Bear device showcased at CES gives a helping hand in understanding their baby. An infant’s cry is a survival method to help communicate the baby’s needs. Unfortunately, translating a newborn’s cry isn’t exactly straightforward. Over time, parents may be able to distinguish between their infants’ hunger complaints from their tired whimpers, but for new parents, it can be a long, draining process that leads to many sleepless nights. If only there were a machine that speaks baby.


Quantum Music, a company focused on using sounds in algorithm programming, has released a product to help parents understand what their baby is trying to say. As opposed to traditional crib monitors focusing only on seeing or hearing the baby, Q-bear listens to the cries and provides parents with meaningful information about their child. Q-bear identifies a baby’s four basic needs: fussiness, fatigue, hunger, and dirty or wet diapers. It also detects physiological conditions like pain. After analyzing the infant’s cry, it will advise parents based on its interpretation, helping to eliminate the language barrier.

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How Q-bear Knows Your Baby’s Needs

Image of the AI Crib Monitor, Q-bear
Credit: Quantum Music

Q-bear is designed to learn a baby’s cry using more than 10,000 datasets from crying infants. Using an 18-layer-deep learning architecture, a GPU pre-training mode, and pre-process algorithm, it aims to accurately detect the reason behind a baby’s cry. Additionally, the more the Q-baby assists parents, the sharper it becomes. According to the company, this crib monitor has a 95 percent accuracy rate.

The AI crib monitor offers other ways to make childcare easier for new parents. When the baby is tired and detects the ‘tired’ cry, Q-bear will auto-play a lullaby and a patented womb sound to help the child relax and drift off to sleep. Whenever the monitor picks up the ‘change diaper’ message, it will track the diaper inventory, reminding parents they need to purchase more when low. The device also includes voice commands to trigger nightlights, making it easier for parents to find their way at night. Parents can download lullabies and audiobooks for Q-bear to entertain the infant.

Q-bear comes with various push notifications even when the baby isn’t crying. For example, when the room temperature is abnormal or if the software detects unusual urine or pain indexing. This information is collected and stored on the app for parents to monitor. Q-bear also tackles privacy protection as the family’s information is stored locally on Q-bear’s built-in database and not uploaded to a server, protecting them from data leaks.

As AI advances, more technologies, such as the Apple Watch’s ability to detect cardiac dysfunction, are designed and developed to improve life. And while many individuals may not see the appeal of a smart fridge, most parents can appreciate why an AI translator for crying babies would be worth the money. Q-baby might just be the best baby shower gift yet.

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