The Sector launches new Child Care Management System Guide as it builds on its report writing stream


The Sector has released a new report that focuses on Child Care Management Systems (CCMS) in Australia as it continues to broaden its research and report writing capabilities and archive. 


Child Care Management Systems in Australia – A Comprehensive Guide is the first such report published in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector and is an essential resource for anybody seeking to learn more about the main providers currently active in the CCMS space, and for those who are looking to transition to a new partner. 


“Adding value by creating useful, relevant resources for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community is a core part of our mission at The Sector,” Sector Publishing Founder and CEO Jason Roberts explained.


“This new report is another example of us working towards that objective.”


“The CCMS sector in Australia is incredibly dynamic and has seen a remarkable amount of technological and product evolution in the last several years,” he continued, “however, with this progress has also come increased added complexity that has made understanding, evaluating and selecting CCMS partners that bit more difficult.”


The guide aims to tackle that complexity head on by providing an independent snapshot of the CCMS landscape, from provider to platform, as well as outline a recommended roadmap for anybody tasked with choosing a new platform partner.


“It’s been a huge task pulling all the information together but ultimately we know our Guide will become essential reading for anybody interested in the CCMS space,” Mr Roberts said.


Child Care Management Systems in Australia – A Comprehensive Guide


The Child Care Management Systems in Australia – A Comprehensive Guide is a fifty page document that examines in detail all aspects of the current CCMS space in Australia addressing core CCMS questions, organised into the following seven chapters:


1. What is a Child Care Management System? – this chapter outlines the different types of systems currently available in the market


2. Who are the main CCMS providers? – a high level snapshot of the organisations behind the main platforms


3. Choosing a CCMS partner – a four step roadmap to help support those seeking a new CCMS partner to make the right decision for them and their organisation. 


4. Planning for the migration – this chapter highlights some of the key questions to be asked when preparing for and executing the migration from old to new CCMS. 


5. Evaluating the cost of a CCMS – explores some of the different pricing methodologies and lists some of the less familiar cost additions that can be included in contacts.


6. CCMS platforms in detail – a deep dive into the platforms themselves focusing on three types of platform – established, newcomers and smaller/niche players


7. The Sector CCMS User Survey 2021 – this chapter provides insights into the feedback received from over 750 users of CCMS platforms gathered from the first of its kind, independent survey conducted by The Sector. 


To learn more about The Sector reports please click here and The Child Care Management Systems in Australia – A Comprehensive Guide please click here

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