Ro Khanna’s 4 point economic plan to build on Democratic gains


Indian American lawmaker’s plan calls for revitalizing American manufacturing and standing up to Big Oil and foreign dictators

“Energised by the midterm results,” Indian American Congressman Ro Khanna has suggested the Democratic Party commit to four main economic initiatives to win back states the party carried in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

“I am so energized by the midterm results. We defied all the odds thanks to extraordinary turnout, especially from young people,” he tweeted pointing to an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe “on how we can build on this historic victory.”

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“Democrats defied historical trends in last week’s midterm elections, thanks to excellent candidates, a record of legislative achievements, and an urgent mission of standing up for women’s rights and against election deniers,” Khanna wrote in the opinion piece.

“Now, Democrats have a chance to build a bigger and more enduring majority in the 2024 presidential election. We need not settle for a nation that remains stubbornly split between the parties,” he wrote.

“Polling shows that voters trust Democrats more than Republicans to handle key issues like reproductive rights, climate change, and gun violence,” Khanna wrote. “If our party can win back trust on the economy, we can win back states that we carried in the 2008 and 2012 elections.”

“Driving a compelling economic message will be especially important ahead of the next election cycle,” he asserted noting, “With inflation near a 40-year high, the central concern among many citizens — Democrats and Republicans — is rising consumer prices.”

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“If Democrats commit to four main economic initiatives — revitalizing American manufacturing, standing up to Big Oil and foreign dictators to lower gas prices, making housing more affordable, and lowering child care costs — we can reclaim the mantle of the party that delivers economic prosperity,” Khanna suggested.

“That is how we build an enduring governing coalition and stitch this country back together,” wrote the son of immigrants from Punjab who is a Democratic US representative from Silicon Valley.

“There is also fear of the economy slowing down and of layoffs, which tech companies in my district in California have already begun,” Khanna noted. “We must not only empathize with people’s anxiety but also continue to create good-paying jobs and address the most important pocketbook items for working Americans — energy, housing, and child care costs.”

Khanna suggested promoting a “new economic patriotism” — making things in America again to build prosperity and wealth by making big investments to bring manufacturing home to places ravaged by globalization.

Democrats must continue to push a bold production agenda to lower inflation, and bring back industries like steel, aluminum, and auto parts, he suggested. “This is especially important considering 63 percent of Americans blamed rising prices on a lack of manufacturing and supply chains.”

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The Indian American lawmaker also stressed the need for fast action to address high gas prices. “Pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and Russian President Vladimir Puti n’s unconscionable war in Ukraine left people struggling to afford gas while oil giants posted record profits” he noted.

“Over the next two years, we have to shift the focus from fossil fuels to investments in renewable energy to fight volatile oil and electricity prices,” Khanna suggested.

“And we must channel Americans’ anger at rising rents and housing prices by being tougher on Wall Street. Private equity firms are buying up hundreds of thousands of homes and converting them into rentals to turn a profit,” he wrote.

“Democrats should pledge to ban institutional investors from buying single-family homes and fund more housing construction to lower rents and prices — investments Republicans blocked,” he suggested.

Providing child care, which is a pro-family investment, is another opportunity for the Democratic party to regain trust on the economy, he added.

“This messaging needs to start now, “wrote Khanna suggesting, “While Democrats successfully painted Republicans as threats to democracy, we should do more to explain why their policies threaten economic security.”

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