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Brooklyn: There are many wonderful things about being a new parent. Finding and paying for child care in New York City, however, is not one of them. Now, instead of using the city’s collective resources to help working parents, Mayor Adams’ recently released budget proposal declares an all-out war on families, with cuts to early childhood programs, public schools and libraries.

Specifically, Adams has proposed more than $500 million in cuts to 3-K programs, $400 million in cuts to public schools — after making massive cuts in last year’s budget too — and an absurd $13 million cut to public libraries, a lifeline for caregivers needing free resources and programming for kids. After three years of an ongoing pandemic that continues to put tremendous strain on working parents, alongside increasing economic inequality and ever-increasing housing costs, Adams’ cuts threaten to make the city unlivable for parents and caregivers of young children.

The city’s patchwork of child care options are already expensive, confusing, and often plain unavailable for many families. Our public schools and libraries are already operating on a shoestring, to the detriment of children, their families, teachers and library workers. We cannot afford more cuts.

Last year, too many progressive City Council members failed their constituents and voted for a budget that made unnecessary and harmful cuts to public education. This year, every council member who claims to care about working families and children must reject Adams’ proposed cuts and start organizing now to defeat them. New York City parents and caregivers are watching. We don’t want to be disappointed again. Liat Olenick

Huntington, L.I.: I guess Bramhall will not be going to MSG any time soon, if ever. Leonard Stevenson

Manhattan: As a lifelong New Yorker, I have learned that seasoned New York police officers are inevitability correct in their reasoning. Still, wrongful convictions do result from the bad acts of an officer/detective (“Tainted cop on trial,” Jan. 18), compounded by the inherent confirmation bias of other investigators and prosecutors. True justice requires an understanding of such bias and the fortitude to surmount it. Susan A. Stark

Brooklyn: To Voicer James League: Please Google the difference between “biological sex” and “gender.” They are not the same thing. That will answer your ignorant question. By the way, you defined “woman” as “a human that can generate ova” — so by your definition, women who have gone through menopause are no longer women. Yet you call other people “logic-phobes”? Trudi Rosenblum

Purchase, N.Y.: If the University of Southern California really wants to be inclusive in its goal to ban offensive words, why haven’t they put the following on their list: oven, camp, lampshade and soap? Marlene Danoff

Pine Plains, N.Y.: When did America replace its ideal of equality with equity? The similarity between the words is the cause of their confusion. The two are entirely different and unrelated concepts. The goal of equality is to give everyone the opportunity to realize their highest possible achievements. The goal of equity is to push everyone down to the lowest common denominator. The end result of equality is that most people enjoy the best lives they can. Equity, however, will result in everyone living mean and barren lives. Unless America goes back to its historical principle of equality for all, equity will end up with everyone living in poverty. Joseph McCluskey

Bronx: Will somebody please explain to me the rules of war in Ukraine? At what point is the Ukrainian government allowed to send rockets, missiles and bombs into Russian territory? It seems the Russians are able to destroy civilian houses, schools, businesses and the entire infrastructure of cities in Ukraine, killing hundreds of innocent civilians, including dozens of children. But all the Ukrainians are allowed to do is push the Russians back across the border and defend their territory. Putin himself finally called it a war. So, let Ukraine fight it like one. When Russian cities begin to feel the pains of a real war — the loss of homes, families, children, etc. — then and only then will the citizens of Russia demand that Putin cease this unnecessary and criminal war that began by his power-hungry persona. Jose R. Roldan

Flushing: I’m not sure if Voicer William Cook is simply a miserable human being or willfully ignorant when he uses a disease like dementia as an insult to make his — I guess — political point. Mr. Cook, hope you’re in your maker’s good graces so you can ask that neither you nor any member of your family or friend succumbs to this devastating disease. M. Guillermo

Manhattan: Of course Kevin McCarthy is complicit in protecting George Santos. McCarthy won the speakership by a slim margin that was only made possible by Santos (assuming that’s his real name). In addition, McCarthy risks losing a chunk of his majority in the House if a special election is needed, as Santos won in a Biden district. McCarthy will let Santos keep his seat even if Santos goes to jail because our Constitution allows it. Pathetic on all fronts. James Simon

Redondo Beach, Calif.: We may not know George Santos’ real name, but his middle name should be Ponzi. John Chevedden

Yorktown Heights, N.Y.: This Santos is the paradigm for the quintessential congressman. A narcissistic, pathological liar and thief without conscience. The other 534 aren’t as blatant but make no mistake, they’re just as bad. Gabriel Pompe

Merion Station, Pa.: Considering his notorious résumé, background claims and questionable campaign funding, George Santos should have been thrilled that he was appointed to any House committees. Instead, he was saddened that House leaders overlooked his expertise and hadn’t appointed him to the House Ethics Committee. Paul L. Newman

Somerset, N.J.: I was wondering: If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination for president, will he choose George Santos or Kari Lake for his running mate? It’s probably a tough choice for him. Arthur Bressler

Calgary, Alberta: For years, the anti-Jewish community has been trying to invalidate the word antisemitism to describe hatred of Jews. The strategy was to say that Arabs are Semites too, so antisemitism is hatred of Jews and Muslims. Jews could not even have their own word to describe hatred of them. But that wasn’t enough. A special word had to be found to describe irrational hatred of Muslims, and the word chosen was Islamophobia. Recently, a new definition of antisemitism was created and adopted by many jurisdictions to describe Jew-hatred. The definition includes obsessive criticism of Israel not applied to any other country for similar acts. Those who live to hate Israel are passionately opposed. They want no impediment to their criticism of Israel, let alone a rule of ethics governing their discourse. Larry Shapiro

Fresh Meadows: Actress Gina Lollobrigida had a very long and distinguished career in the movie industry, and has left movie fans a legacy through her films. She was one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. She will be missed but never forgotten. May she rest in peace. John Amato

Lindenhurst, L.I.: This Valentine’s Day, love letters are a gift that keeps giving. Write a love letter this Valentine’s Day. As a recipient of love letters from my husband before we married I can speak of love via mail express. After years of marriage, I can still recall the messages of the heart my husband wrote lovingly before we married. Sometimes when I wonder if the romance has gone from our marriage, his letters reassure me of his true feelings that, like his love letters, are sometimes just stored away. Love letters are a gift that lasts happily ever after. Susan Marie Davniero

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