Political Profile: Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, Candidate for State Rep. in District 46


Saturday, August 27, 2022


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PHOTO: Shallcross

Mary Ann Shallcross Smith is a Democratic candidate for State Representative in District 46. Here is what she has to say.

1.  What do you think is the biggest political issue this campaign season in Rhode Island?
The biggest political issue is the cost of gas, oil, food etc. It is very expensive for families to make ends meet! 
As I am knocking on my constituents’ doors, they are explaining to me that the cost of living is extremely devastating to their budgets. 

2.  What do we need to do to improve Rhode Island’s economy?
To improve the RI economy is to keep interest rates low and the cost of fuel and food. 


3.  What is the greatest challenge facing Rhode Island as a state?
The greatest challenge facing RI as a state is the need to adequately fund education from early childhood through college. 

4.  Why are you running for office? What makes you uniquely qualified?  
I am running for office because I am and will continue to be an active voice for my constituents. I will continue to follow through with their concerns, needs and legislative ideas. I am always a call, text and or email away at their convenience.  I have been a small business owner in RI for 50 years and understand the needs of small business.
 I am an active advocate for families, education and small business. I am very committed to my district and to my role as a state rep. 


5.  Who is your inspiration?  
My inspiration is to continue to be open-minded and actively listen so I can assist my constituents with purposeful solutions.   

[email protected] 
[email protected] 


Dr. Mary Ann began her child care profession in 1972 as a young mother, and entrepreneur in her home in Lincoln, RI. She established a home daycare that has today grown into over 200 leading staff and teachers for 10 licensed, nationally accredited early learning centers and 6 licensed school-age programs, which included summer camp programs. 

Mary Ann returned to college nine years after graduating from Lincoln High School in 1970. Mary Ann attended college nights and weekends. After completing sixteen years of college (1979-1995), she attained her Doctorate degree in Human Development, Child/Youth Studies and Leadership.

Her passion and commitment continue to drive her to work to ensure that children, youth, and families have available high-quality, safe child care in an educational setting.

 Mary Ann is currently a member of the RI House of Representatives and also served from 2008-2010. Mary Ann continues to advocate at the RI State House for small business, child care, and education. 

In 2015, Mary Ann wrote her first children’s book called Edgar Graduates, about the milestones a child achieves prior to pre-k graduation and future educational opportunities.  

Awards and Honors

♦ 2011 National Angel in Adoption Recipient in Washington, DC
♦ 2010 Providence Business News, Best Places to Work in RI, Dr. Day Care
♦ 2009 Woman of The Year- Providence Business News
♦ 2009 URI Distinguished Achievement Award
♦ 2009 CCRI, Society of the Knights Outstanding Alumni Award
♦ 2008 Woman of Achievement Award YWCA
♦ BPW Woman of the Year Award Recipient
♦ Association of Fundraising Professionals Partner in Philanthropy Award


Founder & Proprietor  

♦ Dr. Day Care Learning Center (founded in 1972) 10 licensed, accredited centers. 

♦ Kids Klub Inc. (founded in 1987)
− School Age Child Care, nonprofit 501(c)3
− School district locations: North Providence, North Smithfield & Woonsocket.  
− Nationally Accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA)
♦ Licensed Therapeutic Child Care Services
− One of the few licensed inclusion programs forchildren with special needs to mainstream with their typically developing peers
♦ Women’s Business (founded in 2003)
− Free television program Cox Cable Public Access TV Show
− Interviews that highlight women in business throughout Rhode Island. 



♦ Legislation Advocate for Rhode Island in the arenas of child care and small business.
♦ Presented in 2010 legislation for all adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates. The bill was passed in 2011 with Mary Ann’s advocacy and support and took effect in July 2012 and adult adoptees 25 and over will have full access to their original birth certificate through the RI Department of Health. The legislation was in the RI House of Representatives for over 12 years before it was passed. 
* 2021 Legislation passed for organizing Annual filing for Secretary of States office. 

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