Podcast: Cora Hoppe Of Rochester Child Care Center Tells How To Work And Learn


“Work as learning” is the name of a new initiative designed to help high school students earn money and prepare for future careers. The state Department of Education has launched the program with federal and state dollars. According to Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut, it will join together business and educational communities in the statewide effort.

“Work-based learning is a powerful educational strategy,” he said. “It is an integral component of career development for New Hampshire’s youth by providing them with a chance to acquire work skills and build life skills that have endless advantages.”

The Rochester Child Care Center has seen the value of hiring Spaulding High school students and splitting the cost of their salaries with the state.

Roger Wood, podcast producer talked with the executive director Cora-Lynn Hoppe for details on the program.

Cora-Lynn Hoppe of Rochester is the executive director of Rochester Child Care Center, a nonprofit affordable child care center. The agency serves low- to moderate-income families with center/site-based care for children ages 6 months to 12 years, with almost 300 families served. She earned an MBA from New England College in 2020 while raising two thriving boys. She works with advocacy groups such as Momsrising and Save the Children to be involved with policy change/development. She also partners with United Way to help support the coalition in Rochester named Rochester Early Childhood Coalition and partners with local resources to support Rochester’s families. Her dream is to see families feel supported enough to stay and give back to our community or the state.

Podcaster Roger Wood was honored for his podcast again this year by the New Hampshire Press Association.

Roger Wood is an award winning radio, podcast, newspaper and television journalist, with over 40 years of experience in the media. Roger has spent his entire professional career in New Hampshire. Roger currently serves as associate publisher and podcast producer at InDepthNH.org. In 2021 and 2022, he was recognized by the New Hampshire Press Association for his work in news podcasts. Prior to that he was honored for his work in broadcast radio news and public affairs. He has produced news and specialfeature reports for InDepthNH, New Hampshire Public Radio, NPR, and other public and commercial radio stations. He also produced spot news for CBS Radio. He has produced and narrated some 50 audiobooks and has written three novels. Roger has also moderated political forums for Seacoast Area Chambers of Commerce in Senate, gubernatorial and congressional races. He has also facilitated public policy discussions locally and statewide. Roger and his wife Elaine reside in Portsmouth.

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