Philip Austin Brooks former professional basketball star is now opening numerous of Little Butterflies Learning Centers

Philip Austin Brooks founder of Little Butterflies Learning Center

Philip Austin Brooks founder of Little Butterflies Learning Center

Philip Austin Brooks with Franchisee opening up Little Butterflies Mesquite

Philip Austin Brooks with Franchisee opening up Little Butterflies Mesquite

Philip Austin Brooks trademark logo for Little Butterflies Learning Centers

Philip Austin Brooks trademark logo for Little Butterflies Learning Centers

Founder of Little Butterflies, Philip Austin Brooks is becoming one of the biggest entrepreneurs by rapidly growing #1 childcare centers around the world.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022 / — One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is choosing a daycare center. As it’s not something you are used to, leaving your little one in the care of other people is more than enough to make you feel anxious, and at times, you may feel that you made the wrong decision.

To give every parent peace of mind, Phillip Austin Brooks established Little Butterflies. Together with his team of highly trained teachers and loving caregivers, they are providing exceptional education and a fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.

Currently, the Little Butterflies program supports children aged 0-12 years where they offer playful and age-appropriate learning opportunities. Over the years, the world has changed and it’s now more diverse. Advancements in technology have also ushered in a new era in the way of doing things. At Little Butterflies Learning Centers, they have created a culturally diverse childcare environment that helps prepare children to live and work successfully in the world today. They are helping them feel good about themselves, their families, communities, and their individual skills are nurtured.

Children are very perceptive, and they pick up on things very quickly. That is why the developmental years for children are crucial. From an early age, a child is able to pick out what they love and what they are attracted to. Phillip Austin Brooks believes it’s critical to nurture their talents from the toddler age. This helps them and their parents to recognize the talents they are displaying and change as they grow.

To ensure no talent goes undiscovered, Little Butterflies has trained their caregivers to pay close attention to each child’s interests and try to foster those interests early on. In their curriculum, they have activities, such as Ballet and Tap classes, Soccer and Music, among others. Individualized care and attention are given by the caregivers. They interact with the children on a personal level and form great relationships.

Additionally, Little Butterflies allows free online access for parents to watch their children as they interact with their peers and caregivers. The parent can remotely monitor their child’s progress by using a PC or smartphone or tablet through the Little Butterflies’ app. As stated by Brooks, their number one priority at Little Butterflies is child safety. To ensure this is not compromised, their app, Arlo, has a secure access portal. Their doors also have access control and all-around video surveillance inside the facility.

From every detail of their classroom to the playground design, Little Butterflies upholds high standards of cleanliness to make the children feel as comfortable as possible.

They are helping children with emotional intelligence and development by teaching them more about emotional self-regulation and helping them become aware and understand their emotions.

In just a few years after start-up, Little Butterflies has quickly become one of the top learning centers in the world. Looking into the future, their goal is to open more branches and make child caregiving easy for the parents. They also hope to help more children discover their interests and natural talents, and to teach them some of the basic skills to give them the skills they will need later in life. Little Butterflies currently has 9 locations, founder Philip Austin Brooks is looking to open up more centers around the world.

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