Many first responders struggle finding the right child care


TOOTRIS, a child care platform company that helps parents get connected to local child care facilities, wants to help first responders.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — According to U.S. News & World Report, more than 25% of American families say finding child care is a nightmare.

For first responders like firefighters, police, EMTs and nurses, who work long and varying hours… The challenge is even greater.

“It’s been challenging for years and years. As a parent, I can tell you firsthand, with two kids under the age of three, you can spend days if not weeks trying to find the right child care… And that was before the pandemic even started!” said Creative Director of Press and Media Production with TOOTRIS, Jeff McAdams.

The pandemic heightened this issue. Due to various and ever-changing COVID-19 protocols, many child care facilities were forced to shut their doors.

“[With many child care facilities] closing down and closing down permanently, not reopening. It was almost like a game of musical chairs, the few chairs that were there before… Suddenly, what was left, has now disappeared left and right,” said McAdams. 

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Too, the landscape of labor changed in the United States throughout the pandemic, with many people losing or quitting their jobs and more and more people exploring their options

“There’s a lot of child care providers that are out there and go, ‘gosh, I love what I do…’ but it makes more sense for me to go right next door and make $5 more per hour doing work at Home Depot, or whatever the job might be,” said McAdams.

On top of all of that, add working the odd hours that most first responders do,  which makes looking for a place to send your child – nearly impossible.

McAdams expresses how overwhelming this can be for a parent, who also happens to be a first responder. 

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“A. If you’re somebody like a firefighter, a nurse, somebody who works in manufacturing, somebody who works long hours, maybe your schedule changes from time to time… When you got the time to try to go visit a childcare location,  that’s the challenge! You know, when do you get the time if your schedule is always changing? How do you find a way to schedule it? Then B. How do you find child care that says, ‘sure, come on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, this week, and then like Tuesday, Friday, the week after that and then tell me what your schedule is for next month!’ and you know, as a parent… Wow!

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TOOTRIS is looking to help though!

The first 50 certified first responders to sign up in each of the 50 states will get free access to TOOTRiS’ Premium Child Care platform free of charge for a full year. 

This allows you to access over 180,000 licensed Child Care providers nationwide, 24×7, enabling you to search, vet, and enroll your children in real-time quality Child Care programs for full-time, drop-ins, emergencies, before and after school, during standard and non-standard hours, no matter where you live or work.

Only the first 50 firefighters, EMT / paramedics, nurses & police officers in each state to respond will receive TOOTRiS Premium, so register today!

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