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Drop-off child care center, Timeless Play, is preparing to open a second location at the Oro Valley Marketplace early next year.

Nannies from the award-winning Trusting Connections placement agency and sitter service are behind Timeless Play, which provides parents and caregivers flexible child care services by the hour.

Co-founder Rosalind Prather, said families are having a hard time finding nannies and inflation on top of the pandemic has hit the child care industry hard.

“I genuinely think there’s a crisis right now,” Prather said. “We’re far past the point of demand.”

Referencing the pandemic, Prather said that parents have had to quit their jobs due to an inability to find child care and many day cares and preschools have about year-long waitlists.

“People (who) previously wouldn’t have considered having a private nanny because they wanted to go the day care route are now doing just that because they simply can’t get in and they have to pay a really high price,” Prather said.

Nanny placement on average, Prather said, can take about six to eight weeks. Parents-to-be find themselves looking for child care options before their baby is born.

“We work with all different kinds of families and they’re just looking for safe, reliable care,” Prather said.

Prather and her business partner and co-founder, Caroline Wesnitzer, were 24 years old when they launched Trusting Connections in 2011, when Prather became pregnant with her first child. “It happened simultaneously,” she said. The two were professional nannies in college and have been best friends since 1997.

Trusting Connections has been successful. In May 2015, they opened a second location in Southlake, Texas, and in April 2018, a third location in Phoenix, and in March 2021, came Timeless Play, the drop-off play experience for children ages 1 to 12.

This year, Trusting Connections on track to be a $2 million business.

“Less than 5% of businesses that generate half a million a year in sales,” Prather said. “Less than 5% of those are owned by women.

“We have a unique model, most agencies just refer candidates to families and have that placement model. We have an entire sitter service, about 150 employees, and those centers are employed by our agency (Trusting Connections) to provide temporary part-time care for our (clients).

Timeless Play allows parents to drop off their children for up to four hours during business hours. From there, “play experts,” offer quality attention to children in small groups.

“Kids have really forgotten how to play,” Prather said.

Timeless Play takes an alternative approach toward playtime, sans batteries. From old-school wooden toys to board games and puzzles, “play experts” interact with children using “nutrient-rich” activities.

“We want to be the place that parents think about when they are in their desperate moments and really need a break, because we believe that parenting should come with a tribe,” Prather said.

Trusting Connections and Timeless Play aims to serve as “sanity savers,” according to their social media, placing parents’ mental health at the forefront.

The new Oro Valley Marketplace location will have space for 26 kids, compared to the Campbell and River location, which hosts 17. They expect to begin hiring later this fall, interested applicants should keep a lookout on their website.

“We’re looking for people who are kids at heart, who are creative, who are fun, imaginative and just really have a passion for being with kids,” Prather said.

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