Laws surrounding childcare, senior abuse go into effect in July 2022


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – As a new month starts, new laws will go into effect in Iowa.

The State of Iowa has passed 156 bills that will officially be a part of the law starting July 1. Some of the highlighted bills are listed below.

Childcare, abortions, and babies have been the latest talk after the Supreme Court of the United States made a decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. Some of the laws below play a part in Iowa’s handling of pregnancy, birth, and children.

Babies in Iowa can be surrendered under the Safe Haven Act, and previously, this meant a baby 30 days or younger could be surrendered. However, because of House File (HF) 2420, babies can be surrendered if they are 90 days or younger starting July 1.

Another bill, HF 2372, makes it a C-class felony to terminate a pregnancy without the consent of the pregnant person. If it is just an attempt to abort, it is considered a class D felony.

Age requirements at childcare facilities have changed. HF 2198 said teenagers 16 years old or older can be employed at child care centers. The ratio of worker to child has changed too. A minimum of the child to staff is one worker for every seven children for kids who are two years of age. The minimum ratio for children three years old is ten kids per worker.

COVID-19 vaccinations are banned from being required at childcare centers, elementary schools, and postsecondary schools, according to HF 2298.

HF 2416 bans women from participating in sports designated for men and bans men from participating in sports designed for women at “educational institutions.” These institutions can be nonpublic schools, public schools, institutions governed by the state, community colleges, and any institution of higher education in the state. Birth certificates may be used to determine the sex of a person. This law actually came into effect the day it was signed, March 3.

Punishments for abusing seniors have been expanded beyond the inside of care facilities. Language has been switched in the bill from “elderly” to “older individual,” which means anyone older than 60.

In 20-page bill SF 522, it is stated anyone who assaults, commits fraud, or steals from anyone over the age of 60 will be punished more severely than in the past.

Employment security benefits have changed, as described in HF 2355. The bill states that unemployment benefits will be paid for up to 16 weeks of unemployment, instead of the prior 26.

All-terrain vehicles, due to HF 2130, can be used on unpaved secondary roads and paved (but undivided) two-lane secondary roads between all-terrain vehicle parks/trails or a vehicle operator’s residence. They can also use a paved (undivided) secondary road authorized by the county board of supervisors. All vehicles, with the exception of a motorcycle or motorized bicycle, must have two headlights.

To see the rest of the 156 bills, visit this website.

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