Lawmakers Provide ARP Funding to Nearly 100 Erie Childcare Centers – Erie News Now


ABC 24 Hr Child Care Above and Beyond 24 Hr Ch: $174,538.00
AMIC Childcare Group: $25,699.00
Annie’s Bubble Care: $16,804.00
Asbury Child Development Center: $76,109.00
Asha Graebs Child Care: $16,804.00
Barbs Family Learning Group Daycare LLC: $14,003.00
Beautiful Beginnings Childcare LLC: $25,699.00
Begsabel Wright Family Child Care Home: $12,850.00
Belle Valley Child Development: $98,842.00
Blessed Hope Day Care Center II: $15,815.00
Chestnut Hill Child Development: $27,841.00
Creative Learning Childcare Center: $335,815.00
Cuddle Time Day Care: $29,653.00
Darlene D Cooley Family Child Care Home: $16,804.00
Darlene R Henderson: $6,919.00
Deanna L Anderson Family Child Care Home: $14,827.00
Dilcy V Sansom Family Child Care Home: $12,850.00
Downtown YMCA: $415,218.00
Dr Gertrude A Barber Center-Child Care: $47,115.00
Eagles Nest Group Daycare: $28,006.00
Early Connections/City Center: $192,495.00
Early Connections/Harbor Homes Early Learning Ctr: $46,374.00
Early Connections-John E Horan Garden Apt CCC: $27,182.00
Early Learning Center: $227,419.00
Easter Group Daycare: $25,699.00
Eastside YMCA Day Care Center: $543,053.00
Erie First Early Education Center: $168,114.00
Fit Kids Childcare: $125,612.00
Foster-Manus Academy of Excellence: $70,096.00
Goodwine Family Day Care: $12,850.00
Grandview Child Development: $30,477.00
Handled With Care Childcare Facility LLC: $223,465.00
Harkins Family Daycare: $12,850.00
Heavenly Hands Early Learning Child Care Academy L: $168,114.00
I Love It Daycare: $109,797.00
International Institute of Erie: $45,962.00
Javonne Beason: $14,827.00
Johnson’s Family Care: $12,850.00
Jordans Family Child Care Home: $10,544.00
Jordan’s Group Childcare: $28,829.00
Jumpstart Early Learning Center LLC: $84,345.00
Kaylakare: $16,804.00
Kids Korner: $14,827.00
Kindercare Learning Center 1278: $305,421.00
Kindercare Learning Center 1279: $268,108.00
Kindgom Kids Child Care Inc: $25,699.00
Lashone Sanders Family Child Care Home: $12,850.00
Latausha Bonner: $10,214.00
Laurie Bishop Family Child Care Home: $14,827.00
Little Acorns Learning Center: $89,370.00
Martin Luther King Child Care Center: $94,806.00
McDowell Preschool Child Development: $19,110.00
Mecisha Lucas Family Daycare: $12,356.00
Mercyhurst Child Lrng Center Inc: $144,392.00
Milestones Early Learning Center: $117,457.00
Milsap Family Day Care: $14,827.00
Monica E Atkinson Group Child Care Home: $25,699.00
Montessori in the Woods: $111,197.00
MTSD/Westlake Early Learning Center: $32,618.00
Multicultural Community Resource Center: $161,936.00
My Terra Village LLC: $29,653.00
Neomias Nurturing Hands Childcare: $25,699.00
Olsen Family Daycare: $10,708.00
Pamela R Chrispen Family Day Care Home: $12,850.00
Pamela Wells: $4,283.34
Penn State Behrend Early Learning Center: $168,525.00
Pennbriar Child Care Services Inc: $190,106.00
Phillips Family Daycare: $12,850.00
Place Like Home Childcare: $19,275.00
Playway Loving Child Care Center: $133,519.00
Rainbow Childcare Center Inc: $28,417.00
Realife Early Learning Center: $132,613.00
Rosealee A Hepler Family Child Care Home: $16,804.00
Saint Benedict Center: $116,057.00
Sanders Family Daycare: $25,699.00
Sheldon’s 1914 Daycare: $12,850.00
Shira Family Day Care: $8,567.00
St Boniface Parish $170,502.00
St James Day Care Center: $41,679.00
St Martin Early Learning Center: $337,627.00
St Paul’s Child Development Center: $169,184.00
St Vincent Child Care Center: $114,739.00
Summit Um Church-YMCA Program: $59,964.00
Susan Gianoni Family Child Care: $8,567.00
Teeny Tots Family Home Daycare: $14,827.00
The Learning Ladder Early Child Care Ctr LLC: $120,011.00
Thurston Childcare: $140,191.00
Tiny Toes LLC: $25,699.00
Tracy Elementary Child Development Center: $17,957.00
Tracy Heutsche Family Child Care Home: $12,850.00
Vazquez Home Daycare: $12,850.00
World of Care Inc: $114,904.00
YMCA of Erie/Wattsburg Elementary: $192,412.00
YMCA of Greater Erie/Glenwood YMCA Day Care Ctr: $571,634.00
Young Environment Learning Center $61,282.00

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