Kinside Acquires LegUp to Empower Child Care Providers and Solve Systemic Issues


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kinside, the fast growing child care marketplace innovating the way working parents connect with providers to find and secure child care, announces its acquisition of LegUp, the first universal child care enrollment system. Together, Kinside and LegUp have the most robust data on the child care ecosystem, uniquely positioning them to solve key systemic issues and address the needs of three primary stakeholders within the industry: providers, parents, and employers.

Working parents and child care providers are facing an unprecedented crisis, fighting against limited inventory, high prices, low margins and a lack of transparency and predictability around openings. Together with LegUp, Kinside will have deeper access into child care providers workflows, enabling them to operate at full capacity and facilitating enrollments for families. Kinside and LegUp are helping families by streamlining discovery, enrollment, and administrative functions so that families secure the care they need and providers save time managing their businesses.

Kinside and LegUp’s comprehensive platform improves both the supply and demand sides of the child care industry by enabling providers to easily fill spots and get connected with families looking for care, and families to effortlessly find child care providers who are licensed, open for business, and match parents’ preferences.

“Kinside and LegUp have always shared a mission to ensure families have access to the care they need to stay in the workforce,” LegUp CEO and Cofounder Jessica Eggert said. “By bringing our two companies together, we accelerate the speed of this mission and take what has historically been a fragmented, complex search and enrollment process and simplify it so families and child care providers can thrive.”

In addition to supporting working parents and child care providers, Kinside and LegUp are meeting the needs of employers anxious to attract and retain the talent they need to operate. This includes deeper and more broad-reaching data on their employees’ child care needs, the market and costs—as well as actionable insights and reports for allocating resources to drive retention and productivity. Kinside and LegUp have the most comprehensive real-time supply and demand data across the child care industry thanks to proprietary technology across both platforms.

With this data, Kinside and LegUp are using their expertise in providers’ operations and families’ care needs to move the needle even further for the child care ecosystem. By licensing this data with state and local child care agencies and policymakers, these tech companies are pushing for a data-driven approach to making decisions around child care that serve as strategic investments in communities around the country.

“We have been following LegUp’s progress for the last two years and are incredibly impressed with their team, approach, and empathy for child care providers and the families they serve,” Kinside CEO and Cofounder Shadiah Sigala said. “By bringing LegUp into the family, we’re fast tracking Kinside’s vision to re-imagine and uplift every part of the child care ecosystem. Quality child care should be universally accessible for families from all walks of life, and that’s something we can all get behind.”

About Kinside

Kinside is a comprehensive platform for working parents to find, secure, and save on child care. Kinside is the only child care marketplace that gives parents transparency into child care openings, pricing, program information, care philosophy, and more—all in one app. Offered as an employee benefit, Kinside partners with child care providers to offer exclusive discounts on tuition and works with dependent care FSA accounts for easy, affordable payment options. Thousands of employers offer Kinside as an employee benefit, improving their workforce attraction, retention, and wellbeing.


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