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(Clarinda) — A local childcare facility is hoping to gauge the current childcare needs in Page County.

That’s why Grandma’s House Daycare is asking providers, employers, and parents alike to partake in a Childcare Market Study Survey to identify current offerings in the area and where they could improve. Bobbi Whitehill is the director of Grandma’s House Daycare. Speaking on KMA’s “Morning Show” recently, Whitehill says the move comes after the daycare received a grant through First Children’s Finance. Additionally, she says waiting lists in nearly every age group for their services and other providers in the area continue to grow.

“We have in-home daycares and we have two centers here in town, but we can only hold so many,” said Whitehill. “We also have a lot of people that commute to Clarinda that need childcare while they’re here but live out of town. There’s just a big need and there’s no openings in centers around here locally.”

Whitehill says there are three separate surveys for providers, employers, and current or future parents. Particularly, she says they want to collect firmer data on what parents are looking for regarding childcare.

“What type of childcare are they looking for — like in-home daycare or a facility like (Grandma’s House Daycare) — and the hours that they would be needing,” said Whitehill. “Just to kind of give us more information on what our community is needing.”

Whitehill also says the provider survey is targeted at identifying the current offerings and available space. Meanwhile, she adds the employer survey attempts to see how childcare offerings or shortages impact the workforce.

“That is broken down to if they have employees that need childcare, if they have problems finding childcare, or if they have to call in all the time because they don’t have anybody to watch their kids,” said Whitehill. “It also looks at how many are commuting to our area.”

As part of the grant, Whitehill says they also have to fundraise for a $5,000 match. She adds there are already getting fundraisers lined up for 2023.

“We have done our successful chili supper and we’re about to do that again here in February and we have done our Vendor Fair and that’s pretty successful and we do that usually in November,” she said. “We are now doing a toy drive also, but that’s more for our center just to get more toys. But, we’ll be fundraising throughout the year to meet that match of $5,000.”

Whitehill says the hope is to use the survey results to guide a future expansion of their facility and its services. Those interested are asked to complete the survey by January 31st. You can hear the full interview with Bobbi Whitehill with this story below:

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