Five Companies With Incredible Paternity Leaves


Growing up, we’ve always heard about “maternity leaves” where expecting moms are given a break from work to rest and take good care of their babies. Most importantly connect with them. It was only until recent years that “paternity leaves” came into existence. 

Fathers now also get the chance to leave work and care for their significant other while connecting well with their babies. And that’s not all, they also get paid for a specific period. 

Several top companies give the longest paternity leave to their employees. Their paternity leave policy covers a lot of benefits for all employees regardless of gender. Some also cover hospital operations like surrogacy and so much more. 

In this article, we’ll look at five companies with the longest paternity leaves and what their benefits for employees look like. 

longest paternity leave

Companies are encouraging fathers to be more involved in child rearing with attractive paternity leave policies.

Which company has the longest paternity leave? 

Here’s a list of the top companies that offer paternity leaves to their employees alongside incredible benefits. 


Netflix isn’t just our favorite streaming channel, it is also one of the top companies offering paternity leaves to its employees. It has the longest paternity leave which is interesting to note. They offer 52 week of paid parental leave which is a whole complete year. And that’s not all, every parent employee whether foster parents of any gender is given full access to this benefit. Employees from the organization have termed Netflix as one of the best places to work alongside its exciting workplace culture. 


Another company with a paternity leave policy is Reddit. The technology company is one of those that have deemed it necessary for fathers to be with their families at such times. Reddit offers 16 week of paid leave which is 4 months for its employees. The benefits package is open to both foster and adoptive parents regardless of gender. Alongside this paid leave, Reddit also offers flexible work for such parents so they can have enough time for their babies. They will also get enough time to reconnect with work. There are other interesting benefits like child care stipend, egg freezing, and so much more. 

American Express 

Fintech industries are not left out in this list of companies that offer the longest paternity leaves. American Express is a financial organization that deals with payment card services. The Fintech company offers its employees 5 months of paid parental leave (20 weeks). Fathers get 5 months of paid leave while mothers are given more additional time to rest. According to sources, American Express also helps its employees with most hospital needs like surrogacy, adoption and so much. For this cause, they offer $35,000 to their employees. This simply shows how much they pay attention to their employees. 


The next company with a paternity leave policy is Deloitte. It is a company that handles consulting for firms. Asides from this, it also offers a benefits plan for new parents. The company offers 4 months of paid leave, which is 16 weeks,  to its employees. Employees are also offered some payment for other healthcare needs such as childcare, fertility treatments, and so much more. 


The world’s tech giant isn’t left out of the list either. Google, which is also listed as one of the best places to work, offers paid parental leaves to its employees. The company is well known all around the world. Foster parents who welcome a child are offered 12 weeks (3 months) paid leave while birthing parents are given up to 24 weeks of paid parental leave. Google offers stipends for other needs such as childcare, and so much more. 


Paid paternity leaves are more important now than ever in this present age and time. Companies are encouraged to emulate others with this policy and make work-life balance a reality.

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