Day care worker terrifies ‘bad’ toddlers with Halloween mask


Next time just stick to giving kids candy for Halloween — not a heart attack.

A day care center is under investigation after workers were caught on video appearing to terrify the children while wearing a mask from the movie “Scream,” according to disturbing footage of the incident.

The staff members at the Lil’ Blessings Child Care & Learning Center in the town of Hamilton, Mississippi, were allegedly trying to put a scare into some children who they thought had been “bad,” said a whistleblower in a Facebook post.

“The kids were terrified but I knew if I told the owner, it would be a slap on the wrist for them as I’ve complained about other things in the past and nothing ever got done,” wrote staffer Jennifer Kayla Newman, who said she witnessed the scaring multiple times and decided to film what was going on as proof it was happening.

In one of the videos, as seen on Reddit, a woman in the scream mask approaches a group of children while they are sitting at tables and eating lunch.

At the sight of the horror-show mask, the toddler begins to scream and cry. The children get visibly more distressed as the videos go on, with some of the children running to hide behind desks and bookshelves.

day care Halloween scare
The kids ran and hid from the women.
Jennifer Newman
halloween day care scare
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said they are aware of the video and are working with the county prosecutor to see if there are any criminal charges that can be filed.
Jennifer Newman

At one point, the worker in the mask gets in one tiny boy’s face and yells at him: “Have you been bad, do you want me to take you outside!”

As the youngster cries hysterically, the camera cuts to another worker, who appears to laugh at the disturbing behavior.

Later, the woman in the mask chases a crying child around the room yelling “clean up” and picking him up at one point. After screaming at the child, she then turns and appears to laugh. The most recent video clips were taken this week.

While some online commenters thought the incident has been filmed because staff were proud of traumatizing the children, Newman said in her Facebook post that she made the video because she was appalled by the behavior and wanted evidence it was going on.

“I did not video this for s- -ts and giggles. It was not funny to me. I did not get amusement out of this,” she wrote, adding she doesn’t feature in any videos and the woman laughing is not her.

“I have nothing to hide. I did what I thought was best in that moment,” she continued. “Maybe, I didn’t handle it 100% how I should have, but my intentions were good.”

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said they are aware of the video from the daycare and are working with the county prosecutor to see if there is any possible criminal charges that can be filed.

Lil’ Blessings Child Care did not immediately return a request for comment.

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