Danish platform for early childhood, Famly acquired UK-based FirstSteps


After the founders of FirstSteps retire, Copenhagen-based parent-teacher collaboration platform Famly welcomes the UK-based nursery software company into its family. After this acquisition, nothing will change for the customers. FirstSteps staff will be coming along and the Danish company will lead the way and shoulder all of the heavy liftings of the customers’ data. They will be offered easy-to-use tools as well. This means the team is expanded and new set of skills joins the company.

After decades in the childcare sector, FirstSteps are handing the torch over to Famly.

Kirit and Kokila, the owners of FirstSteps, have decided the time is right to start their retirement and want Famly to be the ones to take things forward. That means bringing 7 wonderful new teammates, and hundreds of customers over to the Famly platform. And they are happy honouring their 30 years of hard work to the sector.

FirstSteps started in the 90s in exactly the same way as Famly – a father dissatisfied with the tools his child’s nursery was using. The only difference is that FirstSteps started on a good old floppy disk! They’ve come a long way since, and have been unwavering in their dedication to the Early Years.

Famly, Anders Laustsen“This is a perfect time for us to keep on growing, and to continue working on making our platform the best it can be – for thousands of you across the UK. It’s been an incredible journey since we started in 2013, and we’re not even remotely finished yet.

It goes without saying that we’re incredibly grateful to be in a position to make this deal with FirstSteps. None of this would be possible without your wonderful support and feedback as we grow the Famly platform – so a huge thank you goes out to you for choosing and sticking with us.” says Anders Laustsen, CEO of Famly.

Why is Famly doing this? 

It’s really important for them at Famly to keep customers in the loop on these decisions, so here are the 5 big reasons why FirstSteps are passing the torch over to them:

  1. Time for retirement: Handing FirstSteps over to them lets two visionary founders enjoy their retirement after nearly 30 years of service to the sector. They were pioneers, and the Famly team is happy to take that work to the next level.
  2. It’s a great fit: FirstSteps chose Famly based on its reputation, vision, and first-class product. They both began exactly the same way – with a new father unhappy with the tools his child’s nursery was using – and the company goal to put the children at the heart of everything is very much the same.
  3. Staff: They are gaining a vibrant and talented team, who will be helping to bring FirstSteps customers over to Famly and beyond. That same young boy, Darshan, whose time in nursery inspired the FirstSteps database in 1994 now leads the FirstSteps development team!Famly FirstSteps
  4. Customer-first: FirstSteps have always put the customer first – an approach that has given them loyal customers that have been with them for decades. At Famly, the first thing new employees learn is that ‘we work for the customer’ – so its ethos is very aligned.
  5. Modern software needs: The sector needs and wants ever more sophisticated software to meet the many challenges they face, especially after the pandemic revealed how vital digital family partnerships are. FirstSteps customers will find new features and functionality in the sector’s easiest-to-pick-up product.

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