CA Attorney General Has Plan For Nearly 1.5 Million California Tenants At Risk Of Eviction 


CA Attorney General Has Plan For Nearly 1.5 Million California Tenants At Risk Of Eviction 

One in seven California tenants are behind on their rent.  So,  Attorney General Rob Bonta is issuing instructions to sheriff and police departments across the state on how to respond when someone reports an illegal eviction. 
Reporter Erin Baldassari, KQED 

Child Care Jobs Are Steadily Returning In California

Overall, 91 percent of jobs at daycare centers in California have come back.   That might sound good, but the state lags behind the rest of the U.S. economy. 
Reporter Daisy Nguyen, KQED 

California Public Universities Set To Protect And Even Expand Abortion Access For College Students 

Starting January 1, the University of California and Cal State school systems will offer *all* students medication abortions through their student health centers.  Thanks to a law that passed in 2019, the new policy will connect more than 62-hundred students statewide with those services. And for some, including those in the UC system, student insurance plans will cover all associated costs.
Reporter Danielle Chiriguayo, KCRW

Ride Share Giant Lyft Spending Millions On Proposition 30, The “Clean Air Initiative

Big money donors supporting Proposition 30 include San Francisco venture capitalist Ron Conway and former Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer.  But Lyft has contributed by far the most — more than seven million dollars.   Last year California approved a mandate for ride hailing companies: 90 percent of their miles logged must be with electric cars by 2030. 
Climate Editor Kevin Stark, KQED

Palm Springs Removes Statue Of A Former Mayor Who Evicted Hundreds Of Minority Families in the 1960’s To Make Way For New Developments 

The statue of Frank Bogert was removed from the front of Palm Springs’ City Hall this week.  The former actor and rodeo announcer was Mayor of Palm Springs in the 1950s and 60s and oversaw much of the desert city’s growth.  What’s raising controversy is that he also authorized the bulldozing of homes of poor Native American, Black and Latino families from an area of the city called Section 14, back in the 1960s. 
Reporter Saul Gonzalez, The California Report

One Kids Summer Camp Is Among Those Evacuated In Yosemite National Park

Around 1,600 people in the community of Wawona have been evacuated, and that includes kids from the summer camp, Adventure Risk Challenge.  About 10 high schoolers from rural Fresno and Merced Counties were in the middle of a month-long expedition when the evacuation orders came in.
Reporter Kerry Klein, KVPR 

An Endangered Chinook Salmon Species Is Getting Help To Survive Thanks To Federal And State Agencies, And A Small Native California Tribe

For years, Chief Caleen Sisk has fought to bring salmon back to the river where the Winnenmem Wintu tribe has lived for thousands of years.   Because of Shasta Dam the salmon are forced to spawn in waters that can grow quite warm, especially during drought.  This past Monday, a truck carrying a small, orange cooler that had 20,000 winter-run eggs came to the remote campground on the McCloud River, now owned by the Forest Service.   Chief Sisk says if the salmon can come back, maybe the tribe can bounce back as well.
Reporter Judy Silber, The California Report

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