Building Kidz School opens pre-K school with focus on arts and music in Queensbury


QUEENSBURY — People were surprised when Harvey and Leanne Roadcap, who have been married 25 years with no children, announced they were opening a child care center.

In late September, the Roadcaps opened the first New York location of the Building Kidz School franchise at 7 Luzerne Road in the town of Queensbury. The school is a day care center and pre-K that combines conventional learning practices with performing arts.

The Saratoga couple said the idea was born just recently.

“About two years ago, we decided we wanted to get into child care. My wife has a background with the Saratoga Head Start. She was there for about six years as a health adviser,” said Harvey, who has a background in business, in a phone interview on Thursday.

At Head Start, Leanne was in charge of ensuring the children at the program were in good health, but also went into the classroom to help occasionally.

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Harvey said her enjoyment from assisting in the classroom helped steer them in this direction to open the center.

Harvey listed several reasons for why the couple chose to become a franchisee, rather than opening their own private center.

He said the reason closest to his heart is the performing arts curriculum Building Kidz Schools offer their students because he grew up with music.

“We still cover ABCs and 123s and colors and shapes and all the normal things that most preschool programs try to do, but we also mix in a little music, theater, dance and art,” he said. “All those things, in my opinion, help children grow quicker and socialize better at an early age, before they get to kindergarten.”

Building Kidz states they offer a wide range of experiences “to accelerate social-emotional learning, cognitive and physical development, communication, and classroom capabilities,” according to a news release.

Harvey said the closest location to New York is Tennessee because the company is based in California and just beginning to take off on the East Coast.

He said the Queensbury location is said to be comparable in cost to other day care centers in the town, but it also offers another unique perk for children.

“We provide fresh fruit and vegetables. We don’t give out anything that is packaged in little plastic containers or pre-packaged. It’s all prepared fresh. Even if we do something like chicken nuggets, we are cutting the chicken, breading it and then cooking it,” Harvey said.

Building Kidz Worldwide also fit into the Roadcaps’ intentions “just to help out” because they dedicate 25% of their profits to helping underprivileged, orphaned or abandoned children.

Each of the schools also dedicate 25% of their profits to nonprofit partnerships focused on improving the lives of underprivileged children in surrounding communities, at no extra cost to parents or franchisees.

The nonprofit partnerships also support early childhood education, special needs assistance, hearing and vision impairment research, and juvenile diabetes research.

The Queensbury location still has some spots available in the infant room, toddler room and the pre-K room.

“We are enrolling at a rapid pace,” Harvey Roadcap said in a news release. “Parents take a tour of the building and get a vibe about our energy and curriculum, which has been really fun and encouraging. It has been great to hear parents have such high praise for what we’re trying to do.”

Jana DeCamilla is a staff writer who covers Moreau, Queensbury, Warren County and Lake George. She can be reached at 518-903-9937 or [email protected].

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