Brilliant Child Toothbrush from Brilliant Oral Care, For Ages 2-5 Years, Introduce When Child Molars Appear, Round Brush Head Micro Bristles Cleans Whole Mouth, Soft Bristle Toothbrush, 1 Count, Pink


Price: $10.99 - $9.98
(as of Jul 25,2022 21:04:10 UTC – Details)

“Your kids will actually get excited and ask for you to brush their teeth with Baby Buddy’s Brilliant Child Toothbrush from Brilliant Oral Care. Hard to believe? Brilliant has innovative oral hygiene products that start with infants and grow along with your child into adulthood with something for every age at every stage. Brilliant offers soft and sensitive products that children love and bring easy and fun experiences to parents and caregivers.

When baby teeth show up it’s called Teeth Eruption & Development, the time dental professionals will tell you to start your kids on a bristle toothbrush. Brilliant toothbrushes clean hard-to-reach places where food remnants and plaque build up, which can cause cavities and other oral health problems. The Brilliant Toothbrush is different because of its unique round brush head, with bristles that go a fell 360 degrees around the toothbrush. Brilliant Child Toothbrush has over 16,000 highly elastic, short, and soft bristles that are gentle on gums and clean the teeth, tongue, cheek, and gums in the best way. The unique design allows for brushing at a 45-degree angle, helping parents to teach children to brush without the need to twist their wrists. Brilliant Brushes can also be used with water only to clean teeth, no children’s toothpaste is necessary.

Kids need cleaner, healthier teeth, and the Brilliant Toothbrush gives just that by removing almost double the amount of plaque as flat, one-sided toothbrushes, when brushing for at least 2 minutes. 2 year old to-5year old children, whose molars have appeared, will love the Brilliant Child Toothbrush! Give the kids in your life the chance to develop good oral care habits, starting with the Brilliant Child Toothbrush. Whether you are looking for a baby toothbrush, toddler toothbrush, or kids toothbrush, Brilliant toothbrushes make brushing time joyful and beneficial. Check out the other Baby Buddy products for little ones because Every Baby Needs a Buddy.”
The Child Toothbrush has 10 times more bristles compared to regular, one-sided kids toothbrushes, with more than 16,000 soft bristles, which make them achieve cleaner teeth and gums
On Brilliant Toothbrushes the bristles go 360˚ because of the round brush head that cleans teeth, tongue, gums and cheeks all at once, using a 45 degree angle, without twisting the wrist
Easy for parents to brush teeth at home and to take with you as travel dental hygiene! Use with just water, no toothpaste is required, kids soft toothbrush for ages 2-5 when molars appear
Looking for the best gift with the best clean? The Brilliant Child Toothbrush for stocking stuffers, rewards, and birthdays means the best toothbrush for kids and the gift of excellent dental care

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