bio materials adorn childcare center within palais de l’alma in paris


a nursery school at the core of Palais de l’Alma


Within the Palais de l’Alma in France, this introverted childcare center by Régis Roudil Architects seeks a serene atmosphere providing an intimate relationship with nature. Although located in the heart of Paris, its humble character seeks an honest place of tranquility, positively impacting the psychology of the kids and their families. The main challenge of the architects was to generate a well-integrated scheme into its monumental setting, respecting its existing built heritage.


Nearby monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Musée du Quai Branly, unfold their own narratives reflected on the new welcoming facility. To subtly blend into this powerful fabric, the new architecture adopts a symmetrical layout that spreads horizontally, while the use of bio-sourced materials such as timber and rammed earth adds to the qualities of a peaceful place. 

bio-sourced materials adorn childcare center within palais de l'alma in parisall images © 11h45 – Florent Michel



a close connection to nature


The Presidency of the Republic decided to programme the construction of a nursery school in Napoleon’s former stables, far from the urban bustle. Its new position grants it a serene atmosphere adding vividness and color compared to its previous ill-adapted building on the rue de l’Elysée. A connection to greenery is prominent in the design with the integration of different courtyards that guarantees openness and transparency.


This open plan fosters a visual escape to the surrounding scenery and nature without though compromising the children’s privacy and need for seclusion. ‘As this place is sensitive, owing to its purpose and its function, it has no direct views onto or from the public space,’ add Régis Roudil Architects (see more here). Two perimeter walls embrace the daycare center opening up to the green lung of the plot at its north side overlooking the presidential building.


bio-sourced materials adorn childcare center within palais de l'alma in paris


When it comes to materiality, the design team opted for a more eco-friendly palette making wood the protagonist of the project. The qualities of this material not only add to the aesthetic aspect of the project but also embody a genuinely sustainable relationship with the world. Not to mention, wood is a renewable resource that consumes little energy for its production and industrial transformation whilst also contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. Concerning the rammed earth, the team opted for a locally sourced material that minimizes the costs and resonates with the materiality of the garden.

bio-sourced materials adorn childcare center within palais de l'alma in paris
the childcare center is mainly comprised of raw earth and wood

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