9 Great Ways to Calm Your Kids Through Sound


Every parent or carer knows that your children are not always as relaxed and calm as you would like them to be. Bedtime can be a particular problem, and you need to have some practical strategies at hand for those moments when your child is upset, angry, or wound up.

Sound is a powerful tool in calming everyone. And luckily, you will find a whole host of places to get the help your child needs to sleep better. Try using these sound sources to soothe your children, and you may find you have a more relaxed child who sleeps well every night. This will do wonders for your well-being too!

The My Little Morphee sound machine is a standalone sleep and calming device aimed specifically at children aged up to 10 years old. It is so simple that a child can operate it independently from as young as three.

My Little Morphee contains 192 sessions, including music tracks, nature sounds, meditations, and soothing stories. You can adjust the length of each session.

It’s a beautifully designed, simple device that can be charged via USB for a three-hour run time. With no screen, there is no blue light nor any distracting notifications. It is an ideal tool for bedtime and is highly recommended by childcare professionals.

Adults can relax and fall asleep with the original Morphee sound machine if this sounds appealing.

Flare Audio’s Calmer Kids earplugs are specifically designed to reduce stressful frequencies and reduce noise-related stress and sensory overwhelm. Developed to help with the hypersensitivity associated with autism, they allow children who find loud noises annoying or upsetting to concentrate on the sounds they want to hear.

Calmer Kids are not noise-canceling, so they can safely be worn in the classroom, playground, or when traveling.

The earplugs have been independently tested by scientists at the University of Southampton, UK. And the product has received many positive reviews from parents of noise-sensitive children.

Flare Audio’s Calmer Kids may be an inexpensive way to calm your child’s stress.

The BBC’s CBeebies website contains a radio channel called Calming Sounds For Bedtime. There are hours of calming soundtracks, including waves, birdsong, and rain. You can even choose the drones from inside a spaceship! Each one has a runtime of around eight hours, to last for the whole night’s slumber.

You can listen on the website or, if region permits, download Calming Sounds as podcasts on the BBC Sounds app which is available free for iOS and Android.

4. Calming YouTube Channels

Numerous channels on YouTube contain calming playlists for children. One of the most effective is Relaxing Music For Kids from OCB Relax Music, which accompanies simple illustrations on-screen with lyric-free acoustic music. Birdsong can be heard in the background to enhance the soundscape. Each track on this playlist is around three hours long for extended peace.

OCB Relaxing Music also has a wide range of calming sounds for adults.

Kidzen produces music for children and babies to accompany sleep, relaxation, work, and play. Kidzen updates its offerings weekly. The playlists can be found on numerous platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer.

Why not check out the Kidzen YouTube channel, where some of the 10-hour lullaby tracks have over three million views?

6. Apple Music Calming Playlists

Apple Music has an extensive range of white, brown, and pink noise on its Deep Sleep Baby Noise channel. There is everything from vacuum cleaner sounds to air purifiers. Some of the sounds seem to be very harsh in tone, but if they work to calm your child, you’ll doubtless be able to tolerate them.

More peaceful options can be found on the Kids Sleep Music Maestro playlists, containing one hundred sleep songs. Mantra Kids is another great source of calming music for children on Apple Music.

Here’s how to set a sleep timer in Apple Music, so you can turn the music off once your child is settled.

And if you’re an Apple user, there are lots of iPhone apps you can use to help simplify your baby’s bedtime.

7. Spotify Calming Playlists

Like Apple Music, Spotify has curated a range of soothing playlists to calm children. Some of the best examples are the Baby Sleep and Guitar Lullabies playlists.

As with Apple Music, you can use these as a starting point to create a playlist of the tracks that calm your child best.

Sleep Tight Media produces calming podcasts, which have amassed millions of downloads for families worldwide from its Prince Edward Island base. Listen to the Sleep Tight Stories podcast for calming, creative bedtime stories and meditations.

There are two new tales added each week, and personalized greetings to listeners across the world precede each one. You can even send in ideas for future stories, which is bound to fire the imagination of the young listeners in your house!

Sleep Tight Media also provides Sleep Tight Relax and Sleep Tight Science podcasts. They are all a lovely way to finish your child’s day.

9. Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices

Placing an Amazon Echo device in a child’s bedroom means you can simply ask Alexa to play music to create a calm atmosphere or use the free Amazon Alexa app for iOS and Android.

There are lots of suitable playlists on Amazon Music. Try asking for Classical Lullabies for sleeping babies, or seek out the Sleep Baby Sleep channel.

If you use Google smart speakers in your home, read about how Google Assistant can help your kids sleep better.

Use Technology to Create a Calm Atmosphere For Children

Much has been written about the negative influence of technology on children’s well-being. However, using these resources to create a calm atmosphere is bound to impact their state of mind positively, and yours too.

If you’re looking for peace of mind for yourself, why not use YouTube channels and podcasts to calm you too?

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