8 Education And Workforce-Based Nonprofits Making A Difference


If your passion is advancing education and workforce development opportunities,
consider learning more about and supporting these local organizations!

If you are passionate about education and workforce development, check out these nonprofits you can support for NTX Giving Day

Bryan’s House

Founded in 1988, Bryan’s House was the first nonprofit organization in the country to provide 24/7 comprehensive medical and social services in a home-like setting for children living with HIV/AIDS at the peak of the epidemic. Today, the organization has evolved to provide medically managed child development programs and early childhood education for children with special needs and personalized case management for their families.  

Donate to Bryan’s House, today, to help ALL children achieve the best of their abilities and thrive.

Address: 3610 Pipestone Rd., Dallas, TX 75212

Phone: 214-559-3946

Visit Bryan’s House’s website | View Bryan’s House’s NTX Giving Day page

Children at Risk

Through its research and advocacy programs, Children at Risk is a well-known leader in understanding the health, safety, and economic indicators impacting children and educating public policymakers about their importance. Children at Risk has been the voice for children and families who are affected by poverty, food insecurity, lack of health insurance and access to quality medical care, inadequate educational opportunities, and human trafficking.

Support Children at Risk’s efforts to help drive change for children! 

Address: 2904 Floyd St., Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: 713-869-7740

Visit Children at Risk’s website | View Children at Risk’s NTX Giving Day page

Educational First Steps

Educational First Steps equips people who care for children in preschools, childcare centers, and homes with proven tools and techniques that turn caregiving into teaching. The organization’s quality-building programs transform childcare centers into nationally accredited early learning centers. Additionally, Educational First Steps continues partnerships for long-term sustainability.

Donate to Educational First Steps, today, to help connect children to quality early education. 

Address: 2815 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: 214-824-7940

Visit Educational First Steps’ website | View Educational First Steps’ NTX Giving Day page

The Educator Collective

The Educator Collective (TEC) is a professional community made up of teachers from across Dallas-Fort Worth. TEC memberships are offered free of charge and provide educators with opportunities to grow in three areas of focus – community, development, and leadership. Within this basic framework, teachers are given access to the kinds of resources and relationships that empower them to build lasting and accomplished careers in education.

Support The Educator Collective to empower educators!

Address: 44346 Somerville Ave., TX 75206

Phone: 254-495-0830

Visit The Educator Collective’s website | View The Educator Collective’s NTX Giving Day page

Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Inc.

As the largest nonprofit job training and placement provider in the metroplex, Goodwill believes that work has the power to transform lives by building sustainable employment and self-sufficiency. Goodwill Dallas’ 18 retail locations provide revenue through the sale of donated goods to support Goodwill’s core programs: job readiness, coaching, and placement for people with disabilities, such as physical or intellectual disabilities, and disadvantaging conditions, including people experiencing homelessness, youth facing historic systemic barriers to a successful transition into adulthood, veterans, and the formerly incarcerated.

Support Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Inc. as it transforms lives by building sustainable employment and self-sufficiency.

Address: 3020 N Westmoreland Rd., Dallas, TX 75212

Phone: 214-638-2800 

Visit Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Inc’s website | View Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Inc’s NTX Giving Day page

FestEvents Foundation

FestEvents Foundation provides workplace development assistance and community building for the DFW restaurant and hospitality industry. Its programs strive to enable workforce success, helping the local hospitality industry best reflect the creativity, diversity, and excellence of Dallas. FestEvents’ programming provides access to skills training, mentorship, and community-building programs that focus on sustainable employment, career development, financial independence, and industry pride.

Support people in the food and beverage and hospitality industries by donating to FestEvents Foundation! 

Address: 633 N Vernon Ave., Dallas, TX 75208

Phone: 202-657-5747

Visit FestEvents Foundation’s website | View FestEvents Foundation’s NTX Giving Day page

Austen’s Autistic Adventures

Austen’s Autistic Adventures serves adults with autism. Austen’s Autistic Adventures believes that fun, daily social interaction to improve communication skills drastically improves the quality of life, as well as elevates chances for meaningful employment. The organization offers a variety of life-skill classes as well as social mixers and workplace tours five days a week. Class offerings include cooking, art, improv, science, sign language, martial arts, and science. Austen’s Autistic Adventures also brings in community members to share their skills and passions with its group.

Donate to Austen’s Autistic Adventures to help adults with autism form friendships and keep active every day! 

Address: P.O. Box 635, Denton, TX 76202

Phone: 214-405-7563

Visit Austen’s Autistic Adventures’ website | View Austen’s Autistic Adventures’ NTX Giving Day page

Beautiful Lives Project

Beautiful Lives Project creates immersive events aimed at defeating isolation within the disabled community and sparking deeper conversations about the value of integrating individuals with disabilities into the workforce. The organization works with companies, sports teams, and community organizations to host custom events to defeat isolation today, break down social biases tomorrow, and to generate long-term actions that create a better quality of life for people with disabilities and special needs in the future.

Support Beautiful Lives Project to help improve the quality of life for future generations.

Address: 745 Highport Rd., Pottsboro, TX 75076

Phone: 214-769-7324

Visit Beautiful Lives Project’s website | View Beautiful Lives Project’s NTX Giving Day page

Early Giving for NTX Giving Day began September 1. Find your passion and give with purpose, now, and be sure to share with your friends!

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