🌱 Comic-Con 2022 + Child Care On City Property? + Orphaned Bear Cubs


Hi all. It’s me, Bettyann Pernice, your host of the Daily. Let’s get this Wednesday started off right, with a quick review of everything you need to know about what’s happening around town.

First, today’s weather:

Partly sunny and pleasant. High: 76, Low: 65.

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Here are three of the top stories today in San Diego:

  • San Diego Botanic Garden: Visit our Incredible Edible Garden and see the beautiful flower of the passion fruit. Native to countries in South America, this subtropical plant has hundreds of varieties. Don’t miss this colorful and uniquely shaped flower. (San Diego Botanic Garden via Facebook)
  • San Diego Central Library: Check out the new library card, the Comic-Con International for 2022. Beginning on Thursday, the card will be available at all SDPL location. Supply is limited! (San Diego Central Library via Facebook)
  • The Arc of San Diego: Our clients had a blast tie-dying shirts, thanks to a generous donation of tie-dye kits. We had lots of fun at the Sulpizio Family Center!” (The Arc of San Diego via Facebook)
  • Feeding San Diego: This is one family’s story. Leo, Flora, and their three kids came to a recent distribution with our partner Support The Enlisted Project (STEP). Leo shared “I’m a retired marine. We live in Menifee. It was hard for me to accept help. I’m a 100 percent disabled vet, and it’s hard for me to get a job because I’m either in pain or have three to five appointments at the VA every week. For me, I’m living off my little bit of pension and disability, and even with that, we’re crunching everything. Energy prices are high, water, everything, and you have a family to feed. Before I was hard-headed in seeking help, but now we do need it because everything is just so expensive.” Leo thanks the donors that help his family through Feeding San Diego. (Feeding San Diego via Facebook)
  • San Diego County Library: San Diego County youth and young adults ages 5-25 can join this year’s Youth Challenge: Our Health Deserves a Boost(er)! Youth and young adults are encouraged to create a video or visual art piece to raise awareness about the importance of COVID-19 vaccines. (San Diego County Library via Facebook)

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  • Picnic with a Purpose to help underserved children. (July 24)
  • Online Webinar with experts on rental charter boats in San Diego. (July 25)
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You’re officially in the loop for today! I’ll catch up with you bright and early tomorrow with your next update.

Bettyann Pernice

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